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The NCO Training Course  


The Brazilian Army  Combatant NCO Academy (ESA) is a Higher Education Establishment of the Brazilian Army, responsible for training the Combatant NCO's of the Brazilian Army: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps.

The facilities include quarters, mass halls, classrooms, laboratories, a ibrary, an auditorium, a clinic, a chapel, a museum, a bridge park and a large sports area consisting of gymnasiums, a soccer field, athletics track, swimming pool, polo field , cross-country horse track and rope track. It has two instruction fields: Atalaia Filed Instrcuction with an area of 4.6 km² and Moacyr Araújo Lopes Field Instruction with an area of ​​20 km², the latter located about 40 km away from Três Corações/MG.

 ESA NCO training is divided in two terms: First Year and Second Year of The NCO Training Course.


              First Year of the NCO Training Course  


The First Year of the NCO Trainig Course is attended in 13 (thirteen) Army Technology Education Units (UETE) supervised by ESA and located from North to South of the national territory and it is supervised by ESA. This term has a duration of 44 (forty-four) weeks and prepares the student for the qualification period. With the implementation of the Bachelor of Technology Degree, the basic period will last approximately 44 (forty-four) weeks.




 Army Technology Education Units (UETE)
♦ 20th Armored Cavalry Regiment - (Campo Grande/MS)
♦ 12th Field Artillery Regiment (Jundiaí/SP)
♦ 1st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (Rio de Janeiro/RJ)
♦ 41st Motorized Infantry Battalion (Jataí/GO)
♦ 14th Field Artillery Regiment (Pouso Alegre/MG)
♦ 23rd Hunters Battalion (Fortaleza/CE)
♦ 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Alegrete/RS)
♦ 23rd Infantry Battalion (Blumenau/SC)
♦ 10th Infantry Battalion (Juiz de Fora/MG)
♦ 4th Field Artillery Regiment (Juiz de Fora/MG)
♦ 13th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment - (Pirassununga/SP)
♦ 16th Motorized Infantry Battalion - (Natal/RN)
♦ 4th Combat Engineering Battalion - (Itajubá-MG)

After the completion of the first year, the student chooses his branch qualification, according to an intellectual ranking. The second year lasts 44 weeks. The training of the Combatant Branches in the second year is fully conducted at ESA. The Logistics qualification is carried out at the NCO Logistcs School (EsSLog), in Rio de Janeiro - RJ and the Aviation qualification is held at the Army Aviation Instruction Center (CIAVEx) in Taubaté - SP.


                                                                                Second Year of the NCO Training Course  

In this very dynamic period, the students attend instructions specific to Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps, and they develop and consolidate esprit de corps of each branch.

The professional training of the Combatant NCO is the reason for the existance of ESA. At the end of the course, the graduates are declared 3rd Sergeant of the Brazilian Army and they will fill in slots provided in the Cadre of Personnel of the Ground Force. Also in this context, we highlight the leadership with small combat elements so necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century with professionalism and commitment to our Brazilian Army.

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