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ESA comemorou o Dia da Independência
Created: Saturday, 07 September 2019 13:13

Três Corações (MG) – On September 7, 2019, about 4,000 people attended the Civic-Military Parade on Getúlio Vargas Avenue, in Três Corações - MG.

Col. Luis Henrique Gonçalves Valério, ESA Deputy Commander, on the top of a Land Rover military vehicle, asked Brigadier General Flavio Alvarenga Filho, ESA Commander, for permission to start the parade.

The following troops paraded on the avenue: ESA General Staff; the Flag Guard; the Brazilian Historical Flags; a representation of cadets of the Brazilian Military Academy (AMAN) and students of the Army Cadets Preparatory School (EsPCEx).

A group of ESA Students, dressed in the 1st School Uniform of the the NCO Training Course, pararded in a prominent position .

ESA Servicewomen participated of the celebrations, along with Brazilian Peacekeepers; ESA General Staff; the Logistic Battalion; the Hippomobile Platoon; Police Officers of the 16th Independent Company of Military Police; Military Road Police; Environmental Police; Military Firefighters; Civil Police Agents and a detachment of Penitentiary Agents; in addition to state and district educational institutions.

A group of reserve and former military personnel who served in the Armed Forces was among the participants.







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