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espacoMaxWolfThe Sargent's Army School seeks, in many ways, to keep alive the memory of this great hero of World War II. 

- The most significant tribute to this brave sergeant was the adoption, by the School of Sergeants of Arms, of the historical denomination "School Sergeant Max Wolf Filho". Such denomination is associated in all the documents and solemnities of the School.

- The graduating court of the School of Sergeants of Arms, place of constant solemnities, also received the name of Graduation Courtyard Sergeant Max Wolf Filho. In this same place are two monuments allusive to the Sergeant, a statue, in a prominent position, and the featured, and the patio Estatua SMWF"Sergeant Max Wolf Son Patrol", composed of 9 statues, sculpted by the tricordian artist Afonso Barra.

- In the Command Hall of the School, in a privileged position for those who enter it, there is a large picture (picture used on this page), painted by Cel. Paulo Cantalice Estigarríbia, based on the last photographic record of the soldier.

- The Training Course for Sergeants, in 2011, will have the historical denomination "Sergeant's Centennial Class Max Wolf Filho".monumento patrulha

- The values that were evidenced by Sergeant Max Wolf are, through lectures, exalted to the students of the School, future Sergeants of the Brazilian Army, who will disseminate them to all corners of the Country.

- Within the scope of the Brazilian Army, the Max Wolff Filho Sergeant Medal was created to reward the sergeants and sergeants of the Brazilian Army, from active service or from inactivity, who were distinguished by
dedication to the profession and for the interest in its improvement, gracing those who demonstratemedalha max woff characteristics and / or attitudes evidenced by the 2nd Sgt Max Wolff Filho.

- In the week of its centenary birth, the School pays a fair and well-deserved tribute to one who was one of the brave exponents during World War II, through a series of commemorative solemnities.


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