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           GenAlvarenga                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

Upon his assignment as Commander of the Brazilian NCO Academy, Major General FLAVIO ALVARENGA FILHO was serving in the Staff of the Brazilian Army in Brasília, federal District.

He was promoted to his currente rank on July 31, 2019.

He was born on November 25, 1966, in the city of MOGI MIRIM, SÃO PAULO, and is son to FLAVIO ALVARENGA and LAZARA TEREZA PILLA ALVARENGA.

He joined the Army ranks on February 21, 1983 as a student of the Army Cadets Preparatory School and was declared Aspirant to Artillery Officer on December 9, 1989

In addition to his training courses and degrees from the Military Academy, Captains Career School and Higher Military Colleges of the Brazilian Army, he completed the following courses: Basic Airborne Course; Jumpmaster; Command and General Staff Course at the Peruvian Army Command and General Staff College; Security and National Defense Perspectives, in the United States of America; and Master’s degree in National Defense, in Argentina.

Along his military career, he was an instructor at the Army Cadets Preparatory School, the Brazilian Army Military Academy and at the Peruvian Army War College.

He commanded the 12th Field Artillery Regiment, located in Jundiaí, State of São Paulo, and commanded the Corps of Cadets of the Brazilian Army Military Academy, in the city of Resende, State of Rio de Janeiro.

Among the decorations with which he was awarded, the following ones stand out: the Order of the Military Merit; the Order of the Military Justice Merit; the Medal of Victory; the Military Gold Metal; the Peacemaker Medal; and the Peruvian Army Artillery Legion Medal.

General ALVARENGA is married to Mrs. CLAUDIA and they have a son, FLAVIO.





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