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The Internship is developed in the area of ​​special instruction located in the field of general instruction Moacir Araújo Lopes (CIGMAL). The trainee receives instructions on general notions of survival, operational readiness, obtaining food of animal and vegetable origin, obtaining water and fire, constructing shelters improvised and semipermanent, traps for hunting, fishing and antipersonal, venomous and venomous animals, survival, day and night orientation, 1st aid, pecon, obstacle transposition (rope track), and at the end performs the General Pinheiro (Evasão) operation.

Beginning in 2012, SIEsp / ESa has the support of officers and graduates of the following Military Organizations and Instruction Centers, for the realization of the EBIE: Warfare Training Center in the Jungle (CIGS), Manaus-AM; 11º Battalion of Mountain Infantry (11th BI Mth), São João del Rei-MG; 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (72º BI Mtz), Petrolina-PE; 17th Border Battalion (17th B Fron), Corumbá-MT; Center for Special Operations Instruction (CIOpEsp), Niteroi-RJ; and Company of Precursors Parachutist (Cia Prec Pqdt), Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

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