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Created: Thursday, 17 May 2018 22:12

From the earliest times, man seeks to fight his enemy in better conditions. From this imperative came the word AKVA, of Sanskrit origin, whose meaning is "to combat in advantage of position", giving rise to the Arms of Cavalry. In ancient times, this advantage was achieved through the use of platforms pushed by warriors. Later, these platforms were being replaced by elephants, camels and...

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Our rates Enjoy the best daily rates in the region Children under 6 years do not pay; from 7 to 10 years pay 20% Children occupying an individual apartment pay the same rate as the...

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The course

The NCO Training Course     The Brazilian Army  Combatant NCO Academy (ESA) is a Higher Education Establishment of the Brazilian Army, responsible for training...

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The Infantry comprises all the troops of an Army, particularly, carry out the combat on foot, although using means of terrestrial, aerial or aquatic transports for their displacement. It...

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 Escola de Sargentos das Armas- Former Commanders   Gen Bda Adilson Giovani Quint  From Dec 2017 to Sep 2019 Gen Bda Vinicius Ferreira...

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  • 11/08/15
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