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Created: Thursday, 17 May 2018 22:12


             SCHOOL OF SARGENTS OF WEAPONS - School Sergeant Max Wolf Filho               

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  • 18/08/15
  • 17h47

The NCO Academy (ESA) is the institution of higher education (Bachelor of Technology Degree) of the Brazilian Army responsible for training the career Combatant NCO of the branches of...

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  • 17/08/15
  • 19h45

Engineering is the branch which supports mobility, countermobility and protection, characterizing itself as a multiplying factor of combat power.Engineering supports the basic Arms,...

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  • 14/08/15
  • 10h45

  The Arms of the Command , as the Signal Corps are known, provide the systems to establish the links between the different levels in combat, in order to support the exercise of...

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  • 14/08/15
  • 10h58

Artillery, a branch that integrates the role of combat through fire, is the main means of fire support of the Brazilian Army. Its mission is to support the Force with fire, destroying or...

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  • 13/08/15
  • 18h45
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