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Semana Verde - CART

Três Corações/MGFrom August 10 to 14, 2020, the Artillery Course from the NCO Academy (ESA) realized the Green Week, at the General Moacyr Araújo Lopes Instruction Field (CIGMAL).

The purpose of the exercise was to train the students from the NCO Training Course (CFGS), in the disciplines of Artillery Techniques, Topography, Fire Line Instruction, directing to practice and massify the theoretical teachings taught at ESA. By exercise occasion, a real shot was made with smoke and illuminating 155mm grenades.

There were also instructions for adapting to the M114 155mm Self-Towing Howitzer (AR)), recon instructions, reconnaissance and occupation of a position (REOP) with the M101 Howitzer. To the instructions, the Artillery Course had the support of the 14th GAC, in Pouso Alegre / MG.


Foto: ESA - E5 - Fotocine


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