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Três Corações/MG – On june 10, 2020 the NCO Academy (ESA) performed a donation of 1.082 (one thousand and eighty two) kilograms of non-perishable food to charity institutions in Três Corações.

Students and Monitors of the second year of the CFGS (NCO Training Course) were present in the activity helping the shipment and distribution of donations.

The donation campaing is coordenated by ESA´s Military Chaplaincy and by the Academy´s Social Assistance Service, that is inserted in the COVID-19 Operation, that aims to assist vunerable institutions during the pandemic.

Until now, ESA collected and donated three tons of food. Contribuitions were made by the military family and other colaborators from the city. The donations were given to  Arca de Noé Institution; São Vicente de Paulo Retirement Home, that recieved geriatric diapers; and Fabiano de Cristo Home to which was delivered clothes and coats.


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