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BCSv inaugura Galeria de Subcomandantes

Três Corações / MG –On December 11, 2019, the NCO Academy (ESA)´s Support Battalion (BCSv) inaugurated the Deputy Commander Photo Gallery.

The Photo Gallery aims to value the Deputy Commanderswho have done their best to fulfill BCSv's mission of assisting the formation of the future Carrer Sergeants of the Brazilian Army. On August 21, 2017 the BCSv became an independent unit, administratively linked to the NCo Academy and this was the first time such activity was performed.

At a solemn moment, Colonel Leonardo Baptista Silva Pereira, BCSv Commander, and Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Ferenzini Magesti, BCSv Deputy Commander, unveiled the pioneering photo of the Deputy Commander Photo Gallery. Colonel Baptista then handed Lieutenant Colonel Magesti the complimentary reference and a souvenir of the Battalion in gratitude for the relevant services rendered.

Colonel Baptista's wife, Ms. Érica Papandréa Pereira handed over to Colonel Magesti's wife, Ms. Lenira Zimmmermann Nascimento Magesti, an orchid, symbolizing gratitude and best wishes.

The activity was attended by military personnel from the NCO Academy´s Command Group, Military Staff and invited family members.







Fotocinegrafia da ESA

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