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ESA realiza Prova Atleta Completo

Três Corações / MG – From October 16 to 18 and from November 18 to 25, 2019, the NCO Academy (ESA) led the exams for choosing the "Best Physical Fitness Student" and the "Complete Athlete", respectively.

The exam for  the "Best Physical Fitness Student" consists of the execution of seven (7) physical tests, which are similar to the physical tests performed by all ESA Students, during the evaluations of the "Military Physical Training (TFM) Course" during the year of instruction. The exam consists of the following tests:   

  • 3,000 meters run                      
  • 25 meters Swimming
  • Push-ups
  • Bending Bar
  • Crunches
  • Military Pentathlon Track (PPM)
  • 5 meters Rope Climbing

Each year, the NCO Academy (ESA) participates in MAREXAER, a traditional competition among the 03 (three) Brazilian Armed Forces. The "Complete Athlete" exam consists of 16 (sixteen) physical tests, which mostly represents all sports practiced by the entire ESA Student Athlete Delegation at the time of MAREXAER.

To be considered a "Complete Athlete" of the NCO training course (CFS), the student needs to achieve minimum scores in the tests performed. If there is no student who succeeds in it, the best student in the tests is selected for "Best NCO Training (CFS) Athlete".

The exam consists of the following tests:                                    

  • 3,000 meters Race
  • Military Pentathlon Track Test
  • Grenade Launch Test
  • Volleyball Match              
  • Football Match
  • Basketball Match
  • 100 meters Race Test
  • 800 meters Race Test
  • 50 meters Freestyle Swimming Test
  • 5 meters Rope Climbing
  • Shot Put Test
  • 25 meters Scuba Diving Test
  • Javelin Throw Test
  • Long Jump Test
  • High Jump Test
  • Discus Throw Test

The "Best Physical Fitness Student" of the 2019 NCO training course (CFS) was Willian Cristiano Pereira Jorge, student of the Engineers Course.

The "Best Athlete Student" of the 2019 NCO training course (CFS) was Douglas da Silva Luz, student of the Cavalry Course.

Foto: Sgt Sanches, SEF/ESA

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