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Alunos da ESA realizam Estágio de Tropa

Três Corações (MG) – From October 07 to 11, 2019, the NCO Academy students took part in a Troop Preparation Training (EPTC) in several different Military Oganization of the Brazillian Army all over the country. 

At that time, the students were divided into small groups and distrubuted over 57 (fifty-six) Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers and Signals Military Organizations. 

The Troop Preparation Training´s (EPTC) main objective is to adapt the students to the duties they will perform as a Sergeant within a typical Military Unit of his branch. To achieve this goal the students performed the mission of commanding small fractions, participated in the quarter´s daily routine, instructing the privates and corporals, participating in the daily duties , formations and physical training, all under the supervision and guidance of the Military Organizations Officers and Sergeants.

Foto: Corpo de Alunos da ESA
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