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Curso de Artilharia da ESA realiza visitas de Inst

Brasília/DF - Formosa/GO - From September 30 to October 4, 2019, the Artillery Course of the NCO Academy (ESA) visited Military Organizations located in the cities of Brasilia and Formosa, in order to know the Support of Artillery of Fire and the Aerospace Defense System of the Brazilian Army.

At the time, the students learned about the organizational structure, the peculiarities, the activities performed and the modern material used by the following Military Organizations: 11th Anti-aircraft Artillery Group (11th GAAAe), 32nd Campaign Artillery Group (32nd GAC), in Brasilia , Federal District; 6th Missile and Rocket Group (6th GMF) and Missile and Rocket Artillery Instruction Center (CI Art MF) in Formosa, Goiás.

During the PCI, they could learn about ASTROS System vehicles and ammunition, the tactical use of the Missile and Rocket System (MF), the SIS-ASTROS simulator, among other Artillery subsystems.

Foto: Curso de Artilharia da ESA
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