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ESA comemora o Dia da Família Militar

Três Corações / MG – On September 25, 2019, the NCO Academy held a cerimony on Coronel Catunda Auditorium alluding to the Military Family Day, celebrated on September 18, 2019.

The Military Family Day is the occasion in which the Brazillian Army pays homage to Mrs. Rosa Maria Paulina da Fonseca, mother of the Military Family, born on September 18, 1802.

Mrs.Rosa Maria Paulina da Fonseca is an example of patriotic love. When receiving condolences for the death of her youngest son, Afonso Aurélio, and for the severe injuries of Marshall Deodoro she declared: "I know what has happened. Maybe Deodoro will also be dead soon. But today we celebrate our victory and tomorrow I´ll mourn their deaths". After the celebration, she wept for three days.

Her eight sons were all servicemen. Among them is Marshall Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca, the first President of Brazil and Medic Major General João Severiano da Fonseca, father of the Army´s Medical Service.  Another important member of this family is her grandson Marshall Hermes Ernesto da Fonseca, the eighth President of Brazil.

By the end of the ceremony, Major General Flavio Alvarenga Filho, NCO Academy Commander, emphasized the importante of family to the Brazilian Army.

Foto: Sd Weslei Nascimento, ESA
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