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Seção de Instrução Especial realiza Estágio Básico

São Tomé das Letras / MG - The Special Instructions Section (SIEsp) of the NCO School gave, from May 20 to June 8, the Basic Special Instructions Traning (EBIE), at the General Moacir Araújo Lopes Instruction Camp (CIGMAL), which was executed in three rotation by CFS 2018-2019 students.

The training was conducted in a conventional combat context, in which the students were instructed in Day and Night Land Navigation, Obstacle Course, Conventional Combat and Shooting Techniques, which enabled them to complete the missions received.

After training, students were employed in patrol missions and evasion techniques, performing a march of about 42 km.

The Special Operations Command (1st BFEsp and 1st BAC), the Parachute Precursor Company (Cia Prec Pqtd), the Jungle War Instruction Center (CIGS), the Caatinga Operations Instruction Center (CIOpC) of the 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion, the 17th Frontier Battalion (17th B Fron) and military organizations of the 4th Light Infantry Brigade (4th Bda Inf L Mth) supported ESA in carrying out this activity.







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