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ESA realiza formatura do Dia da Artilharia

Três Corações / MG – On June 12, 2019, the NCO Academy held a formation ceremony dedicated to Artillery Day, celebrated on June 10, the date of birth of its Father, Marshal Emílio Luís Mallet. The Baron of Itapevi fought in the Campaign of the Cisplatina, in the War against Oribe and Rosas, in the War against Aguirre and in the War of the Triple Alliance, being undefeated in all the battles, being recognized the first of the Fathers of the Brazilian Army.

Currently, Artillery has two of the seven strategic projects of the Brazilian Army: Projetc Astros 2020 and the Anti-Air Defense Project, in order to maintain Brazil's position in its natural regional leadership, with the Armed Forces at the height of its relevance in the international scenario.

Major General Adilson Giovani Quint, Commander of the NCO Academy, greeted Lieutenant Colonel Carlos André Wamser Barra and Lieutenant Valério Sandro Fuga, respectively, the most senior Officer and NCO of the Artillery Branch, serving in the School, symbolizing, in these greetings, the homage of the Sergeant Max Wolf Filho School to all members of the Ultima Ratio Regis (The King's Final Argument).

Major Adilson Giovani Quint, ESA Commander ; Captain Jarbas Roberto Brito, member of 1959 ESA Artillery class; Warrant Officer Fransérgio da Costa Vaz, ESA Sergeant Major were present at the formation ceremony.








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