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                                                                 SEÇÃO DE INSTRUÇÃO ESPECIAL                                             



           Historical denomination: Seção de Instrução Especial (SIEsp) is due to its official creation by Ordinances nº 101 - EME-Res and 107 - 1º SCh / EME-Res, both of July 28, 2005. Thus, this date was made official as the day of creation of SIEsp / ESA.
         On September 28, 2005, the 1st Commander of Escola de Sargentos das Armas, Gen Bda ARAKEN DE ALBUQUERQUE, held the first meeting, and as internal guideline it was created the nucleus of implantation of the section, composed of officers and graduates of Student Body and Batalhão de Comando e Serviços, from this educational establishment.
           The works were divided into 3(three) phases: the 1st (first) and the 2nd (second) phases, from September 2005 to December 2006, were used to plan and recognize the internships of special instruction, as well as the preparation of projects and acquisition of materials to be used in the above-mentioned stages. The 3º (third) phase began in January 2007 and was characterized by the full operation of the instruction section with the execution of Estágio Básico de Instruções Especiais (EBIE), divided into 3 (three) shifts and Estágio de Operações de Garantia da Lei e da Ordem (EOpGLO), divided into 2 (two) shifts.
           In 2011, by the imposition of Departamento de Educação e Cultura do Exército (DECEx), EOpGLO was changed to Estágio de Operações contra forças Irregulares (EOpCFI).

     Learn about activities of SIEsp at theEscola de Sargentos das Armas

     → Mission

    → Basic Stage of Special Instructions (EBIE)

    → Operations Stage Against Irregular Forces (EOpCFI)

    → Distinctive Hawk

    → Request for Cooperation of Instruction (PCI )

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