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                                                  PHYSICAL EDUCATION SECTION - ESA                                              


The Physical Education Section of Escola de Sargentos da Armas was created in 1960 and since then, it has as its mission to plan, supervise and evaluate the Military Physical Training of the Student Body.

It has in its assignments, the training of the sports teams that will represent the Army in the competition between Escolas de Formação de Sargentos of the Armed Forces (MAREXAER). MAREXAER's goals are to encourage the practice of sports, to develop the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie, to cultivate military values ​​and traditions and to promote the interaction between civilians and servicemen of the Brazilian Armed Forces. During the competition, the modalities of Athletics; Basketball; Soccer; Judo; Military Pentathlon, Swimming, Orienteering, Cross-country running and Volleyball are performed.

Regarding the section's Permanent Body, it is responsible for the preparation of the training planning, as well as the application of the "Teste de Aptidão Física" (TAF) along the year of instruction. It guides, in an individualized way, the students who are selected for taking operational courses, regarding the physical preparation for the preliminary aptitude tests. It is also responsible for the evolution and continuity of the physical rehabilitation of injured military personnel, in consonance with the Physiotherapy Section.

The Physical Education Section works in the integration of  Escola de Sargentos das Armas with "tricordiana" society, promoting the traditional races "Guararapes" and "Duque de Caxias" for more than forty editions; and, in the last two years, these competitions were open to children, in the category KIDS. Thus, it encourages the practicing of running and stimulates the wellbeing through sports, also preserving the memory of the heroes from "Guararapes" and the Army's Patron. 

On all fronts, the "Seção de Educação Física" (SEF) is, above all, a developer of attitudinal attributes and values required ​​by the Institution for the Combatant Career Sergeant, using sports and Military Physical Training as tools to achieve this goal.


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