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Historical Standard

HERALDIC DESCRIPTION The historical standard has the following heraldic description: "rectangular shape, universal flag type and fringed with gold: green field with border of red, having, at the center, the pin of the School, made of four pointed crests, in silver, in a field divided by blue-sky, on the right, and in red, on the left; with a star in brocante, in silver; on the embroidery, a...

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  • 11/08/15
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Historical Summary

The School of Sergeants of the Arms (ESA) is the Institution of Higher Education (Technologist) of the Brazilian Army, responsible for the formation of Sargentos Combatentes of Arms Race...

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  • 11/08/15
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Future Vision

To be a benchmark of excellence, due to the quality of the training of the combatant sergeant in the scope of the Brazilian and foreign Armed Forces.   

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  • 11/08/15
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Principles, Beliefs and Values

    Faith in the Army mission       Love to the profession          ...

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Train Future Combatant Sergeants of the Brazilian Army   Manage / Supervise the Basic Period at the Military Basic Training Centers (OMCT)   Organize the NCO Academy...

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