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From the earliest times, man seeks to fight his enemy in better conditions. From this imperative came the word AKVA, of Sanskrit origin, whose meaning is "to combat in advantage of position", giving rise to the Arms of Cavalry. In ancient times, this advantage was achieved through the use of platforms pushed by warriors. Later, these platforms were being replaced by elephants, camels and horses.
The improvement of weapons, due to the quick  technological evolution of the last years, has widened its possibilities by means of bundling the innovations in the modern platforms of combat.
Nowadays, either counting on modern combat tanks that currently equip the Brazilian Army, or being under the wings of reconnaissance and attack helicopters, Cavalry continues to act on broad fronts; preceding ground forces; recognizing, providing safety and performing deep engaging maneuvers:  consecrated missions of the Arms of Cavalry.
Besides those, its flexibility, maneuverability, shock action, wide and flexible communications, firepower and armored protection, nowadays, give it great importance in the increasingly lethal and dynamic three-dimensional nonlinear battlefield.

Source: Army Newsletter number 10,072, of May 10, 2003.


                                                                    ACTIVITIES DURING THE COURSE


The Cavalry Course at Escola de Sargentos das Armas, headquartered in Três Corações - MG, empowers its concluder to occupy positions and to perform functions of the combatant Sergeant leader of the small fractions, fundamental elements in "Organizações Militares de Corpo de Tropa de Cavalaria", among them are "Grupo de Exploradores", "Grupo de Combate", "Seção de Viatura Blindada de Reconhecimento" and "Peça de Apoio".

With this purpose, subjects such as "emprego tático da arma"; "comunicações"; "topografia"; "patrulhas"; "operações de garantia da lei e da ordem"; "armamento e viaturas orgânicas da arma"; "administração militar"; "instrução geral"; "treinamento físico militar"; "história militar"; "informática" are taught and, more recently, the students have being having English and Spanish instructions, which are collective to all the Arms. 

The riding horse instruction, typical of the Arms of Cavalry, aims to develop several attitudinal contents, such as courage, initiative and agility, which keep the traditions of the "Nobre Arma Ligeira". The short and long field exercises and the professional training, based on values such as ethics, morals and discipline, combined with the cult of the Brazilian Army and the Arms traditions, help to forge the prospective leaders and prepare them for exercising the functions of instructiors or monitors of "Corpo de Tropa".


foto cav1



                                                                           PATRON OF CAVALRY

 patrono osorio


The Legendary Manoel Luís Osório was born on May 10th, 1808, in the old village of Santo Antônio do Arroio, nowadays the municipality of Osório, in Rio Grande do Sul.
From "Soldado" to "Marechal", he was present in all the campaigns fought by the maintenance and configuration of our borders, South and West, from Independence to "Guerra da Tríplice Aliança". There were nine campaigns, in totality, being "Batalha de Tuiuti", in May 1866, the apex of his trajectory.
Osorio was revealed on the battlefield, born to command, a chief who fascinated subordinates, and who, by the example, cheered and conducted them like no other has ever done, in such a high level.
Conductor of men par excellence and skilled at exploiting the properties of the fields, he was chosen as Patron of the Arm of Cavalry for embodying, in life, the ideals of courage, audacity and skills in combat, inserting himself in the History of Brazil as one of its most significant characters in the gallery of the immortal heroes of our country.

Note: Osorio, without accent, is the correct spelling of the name of the Patron of the Cavalry, although the city that today bears its name presents it like Osório (RS), accented.

                                                               SONG OF CAVALRY


Lyrics by: Teófilo Ottoni da Fonseca

Arma ligeira que transpõe os montes,
Caudais profundos, com ardor e glória,
Estrela guia em negros horizontes,
Pelo caminha da luta e da vitória.

Cavalaria, Cavalaria, Tu és na guerra a nossa estrela guia!

Arma de tradição que o peito embala
Cuja história é de luz e de fulgor
Pelo choque, na carga, ela avassala
E ao inimigo impõe o seu valor.

Cavalaria, Cavalaria, Tu és na guerra a nossa estrela guia!

Montado sobre o dorso deste amigo:
O cavalo que altivo nos conduz,
Levamo-lo também para o perigo,
Para lutar conosco sob a cruz.

Cavalaria, Cavalaria, Tu és na guerra a nossa estrela guia!

De Andrade Neves e Osorio, o legendário,
E outros heróis que honram a nossa história,
Evocamos o valor extraordinário
Pelo Brasil a nossa maior glória!

Cavalaria, Cavalaria, Tu és na guerra a nossa estrela guia!

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